Against Competitor

This shopper lives in Pueblo, about 125 miles from our offices in Denver. He offered to meet me in Colorado Springs, halfway between Denver and Pueblo. This was worth the drive for me, because it was a corporate-sponsored outplacement with a large budget.

Here is his initial inquiry to me and my follow-up after our first meeting. We generally win 95% of these head-to-head competitions. Even though I don't mention it in the letter, I always follow up with a phone call if I haven't heard from the prospective client within a few days.

From: Austin Weglarz []
Sent: July 11, 20-- 8:00 AM
Subject: Initial Evaluation of CareerLab


I called and left a voice mail on your cell phone Friday afternoon.  I am making a trip to Colorado Springs tomorrow, Monday July 12th.  I explained on the message I left that I would like to meet with your company as an initial evaluation meeting at 2:30. 

I am meeting with the other outplacement company offered by Tryce Energy also tomorrow afternoon in Colorado Springs.  Hopefully this first meeting is no charge as I would like to use it to make my decision in which company to utilize for this service. Please let me know if this will work, as I am going to be limited in my trips to Colorado Springs for this purpose. Also, I need the directions and address where we will be meeting.


Austin Weglarz
H: 719-555-1212
C: 719-555-1313

Hi Austin,

I really enjoyed our meeting yesterday. Thanks for driving to Colorado Springs.

You asked good questions, and being a purchasing manager, I'm sure you'll make a good decision of career management firms.

I hope I made the career transition process understandable, and fun. Our first priority will be to keep you working in Pueblo without relocation.

You may have further questions, and if so, please give me a call on my cell phone. We want to take care of you and make your career transition smooth and successful.

Call me when you're ready to talk further.


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