Putting Our Thoughts Together

I made a team sales call with Kaley Treeby, a CareerLab consultant, and it was intense. We each left the meeting with six pages of notes, and needed to put our ideas together. This is the note I sent to buy us time.

Brett, Tracee, and Mike,

Thanks for the informative briefing today. Kaley and I really enjoyed meeting you to learn about the history and operation of your company, and the "ETS Europe way of doing things."

We're impressed with your clear vision and commitment to such things as "small, warm, collaborative, and having a lot of fun together." As we said, your perspective is rare in the corporate world, and therefore, most valuable.

Kaley and I will spend a few days putting our thoughts together, and then be back in touch. In the meantime, if anything comes up, you may reach me on my cell phone at 720-555-6800.

With best wishes,


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