Proposal With Three Options

Diane is an executive who supervised a regional manager with performance problems.  The manager was well qualified and had a history of much more productive work in both Diane's company and several prior situations in other companies and industries.  I made this uncomplicated, straightforward proposal to coach the manager. I use this approach often, and get nearly 100% of these assignments.

Hi Diane,

Thanks for your candor, and thanks for considering us for your executive coaching role. As I said on the phone, this seems like a simple, straightforward assignment with few roadblocks.

Coaching projects are typically priced by length of time, and a longer time frame allows greater improvement. Our coaching fees are:

  • $12,000 - One Year
  • $7,500 - Six Months
  • $3,500 - Three Months
The coaching fee includes administration of The Advanced Birkman, The Harrison, or a 360-degree assessment tool. The price is the same regardless of the tool we choose. Out of pocket expenses such as travel are passed through to you at our cost.  

You'll find a list of my executive coaching clients at, and a more detailed bio at As you'll see, I'm heavily experienced working with high-achieving senior leaders, and very confident I can help you improve your Regional Manager's performance.

If I haven't heard from you, I'll give you a call later in the week to follow up.

With best wishes,


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