Proposal to Charge Additional Fees

Once we agree on a price, we never go back to a client to ask for more money. However, in this case we made an exception. We were providing outplacement to a European executive coming to the U.S. to follow his wife, who had taken a high-level management position. Although a nice person, he was a demanding client, requiring 300% of our usual efforts. He insisted on keeping Ph.D. after his name, even though it immediately disquqalified him from most jobs. In addition, he came across as too intense and forceful. After 6 months, neither we nor his sponsoring company were happy with the progress.

We met with company representatives to hear their concerns and reposition the project. We pointed out that we had given away $5,000 in services, and that positioned us to ask for an additional $1,600 per month for 10 months. This was a WIN/WIN for everyone, and the executive was happily re-employed. Peyton Deckert, Janet Lorenzo, Henning Marks were CareerLab consultants.

Sent via FAX, January 29—

 To:  Maxwell Black, Human Resources
       International Manufacturing

From: Bill Frank, President/CEO of CareerLab

On behalf Peyton Deckert, Janet Lorenzo, Henning Marks and me, I would like to thank you and Susan for the meeting January 24. Based upon the meeting and CareerLab's internal discussion we propose the following:

Redouble our efforts for Dieter Heinlein on all fronts, specifically

  1. Revise his resume and delete "Ph.D." at the top. The goal is to create a more functional resume that broadens his opportunities while still recognizing his background, education and language skills.
  2. Continue to make personal introductions to key decisions makers that are known to CareerLab within the Denver metropolitan area.
  3. Accompany him to networking events such as Rockies Venture Club and several other high level networking organizations.
  4. Direct him toward more small to mid-size organizations. This is a focus that upon review has been under utilized and needs more work.
  5. Remind him of International Manufacturing's willingness to pay for his visa (H1B) and make sure this is communicated to prospective employers.
  6. Encourage him to re-visit the network he has already created on a regular basis and report his result so CareerLab can review.
  7. Tone down the "energy" level of his ongoing efforts.
  8. Explore in detail the more positive opportunities such as J. D. Edwards, Level3, Dupont, CH2M Hill, Manville, GE Plastics, and CoorsTek.  
A review of professional services previously provided and fees paid are outlined as follows:


  1. The original engagement of 6 months for $8,500.00 ended September, 20—
  2. Continued support and professionals services extended from September to January of $5,000.00, neither billed nor charged.

Continued support and professional services as outlined above in items 1 to 8, at a rate of $1,600.00 per month, commencing February 1- through December 31-. Monthly fees to terminate on the earlier of job placement or December 31-.

If you have any questions please contact me at 303-790-0505. We are confident that CareerLab can deliver the needed results for both International Manufacturing and Dieter.

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