Proposal to Double Revenues

If you charge a daily rate for a workshop or speaking engagement, say $1,500, you'll gross $4,500 for three days. If you charge a per-person rate for the same engagement, it's possible to double your gross revenue, as this example shows. Always set a minimum number of attendees so you don't get caught in the "no one attended" trap. This was delivreed in memo form on CareerLab letterhead.
DATE: Thursday, February 12, 20—
TO: Katherine Lindstrom
SUBJECT: Teambuilding Proposal
FROM:  Bill Frank

The Birkman Method (Advanced Report)
Participants will complete a brief questionnaire online, and we send them their results by e-mail. They may save the PDF and print as many copies of the report as they like. Each 50-page report includes: coaching page, Interview Guide, Management Style, Self-Development, Behavioral Components, Lifestyle Grid, Areas of Interest, Personal Strengths and Needs, Stress Pages, and Career Orientation.

Telephone Feedback
We will schedule three (3) two-hour conference calls to give individuals feedback on their scores. This means roughly 10 participants per call, keeping group size small.

Team Report
The team report shows the DNA of the group in chart form, such that patterns can be seen and acted upon. For example, we will create a template for future hires based upon the success profile in the report. The Team Report is the springboard for teambuilding activities.

Existing Culture
Since your culture is working, it's important to define and describe it in order to preserve and replicate it.  We will schedule a conference call to document your existing culture, norms, and values, and we'll create a handout presenting the results.

Group Presentation
Based on the data in the written reports, the individual feedback, and the conference call on culture, we'll conduct a two-hour teambuilding presentation in Milwaukee. The session will focus on strengths of the group and ways to improve collaboration and communication. We can also talk about the "ideal fit" for future hires. The focus will be to fine tune and improve the performance of a group that is already working.

Professional Fee
The fee for these services, including travel and all expenses, is $395 per person, or $10,665. The group minimum is 27.

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