Proposal to Extend Assignment

Nancy had been in an executive coaching program, and both Nancy and I thought she should continue. This proposal successfully sold the follow-on work. Susan and Roberta were Retail Corporation executives.

Dear Philippe and Pamela,

I've just spoken with Nancy about her executive coaching program, and she feels she would like to extend our work for three (3) months during a time of corporate change. I agree that's a good idea, both for Nancy and for The Retail Corporation.

With the changes at the parent company, the possible sale of The Retail Corporation, and leadership and staffing changes, I think Nancy still needs an anchor--as well as specific leadership training. I'm certain I can play that role. 

Today, for example, Susan and Roberta are in Los Angeles, and Nancy and I talked about specific ways she could make her time with them most effective.

The initial three month program—which included extensive testing and a steep learning curve—was priced at $11,500. Because the testing and startup exercises are already completed, the next three-month phase is only $6000.
I would like to continue to help Nancy develop her leadership skills. How would you like to proceed?


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