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Prospects will often say, "Send me something on this," and it's a judgment call as to what to send. If they're fairly accessible by phone, you can literally send them a half page, like this, to keep the conversation moving. Unless prospective customers ask for extensive detail, I always send as little as possible, so as not to overwhelm them.  Generally, less is more. This note worked. We continued our discussions and were hired.
July 23, 20—  

Colleen V. LeMar
Director, Human Resources
North American Communications
220 18th Street, Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80202

Dear Colleen,

Here are a few thoughts for your outplacement services:

  1. We offer a basic online career transition program for $349. I've included a detailed description. This option does not include consulting.
  2. A two-day job search workshop, including resume is $1500/person.
  3. Other programs are priced on the accompanying fee schedule.
Let's discuss this to see what will work for you given your budget constraints. Colleen, I'm busy all morning, but if you have questions, please call my cell number which is 303-521-0235. I'll return your call on my next break.  

If we don't talk in the morning, I'll call you at 1:00 to answer questions.

Best wishes,

William S. Frank

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