Apology For Meeting Room Mixup

One of the members of our human resources leadership group was Vice President of Human Resources for a national hotel chain. We had arranged several meeting rooms through his executive assistant, Jonette. One month we accepted a free meeting room elsewhere, not realizing Jonette had already reserved a room for us. It made us look thoughtless, and this was my apology. Braiden was Jonette's boss, our group member.

Hi Jonette,

Thanks for inquiring about the meeting room situation. We've been suffering some miscommunication since Mark Hackworth, our Project Manager, went out on sick leave two months ago. We've been juggling to keep his workload on track, and obviously failed.

In addition, like you, we've been scrambling for ways to cut expenses to the bone. When one of my friends offered to provide us a meeting room at no charge, I accepted, not realizing other commitments had been made.

I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience I have caused. You have worked so hard to help us, and we want a long-term friendship with you and with Teral Ventures.

What can we do to make this up to you? If there is a penalty involved, let's discuss it. Fortunately, Mark is recuperating well now, and he wants to come back to work.

Please let me know what you think. And whether Braiden be attending the December 11th meeting?

Many thanks,


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