Apology For Not Returning Phone Calls

After I sent our annual holiday card by e-mail, I received a note from a former client saying I had not returned his phone calls. That disturbed me, and I apologized.

From: Kam Ratcliff
Sent: December 11, 20— 8:31 AM
To: Bill Frank
Subject: Re: Season's Blessings from Bill Frank and Your Friends at CareerLab

For someone who wouldn't return my phone calls way back when, and me a past client I am surprised to receive this E mail. Maybe you just forgot to remove my name from the list. But anyway in the spirit of the season . . .
Have a blessed Christmas, Bill,  
Kam Ratcliff

Hi Kam,

I'm just looking over my Christmas replies now.
I'm sorry to learn I didn't return your phone calls.
That disappoints me.

I like you, Kam, and always have, so that's not the reason.
I'm not sure what was going on back then.
The best I remember, that was 4-5 years ago.

At any rate, please accept my sincere apology.
I am truly sorry for my actions,
and will make certain it never happens again.

With many thanks,

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