Decline Partnership Opportunity

We often receive partnering opportunities, and it's important to select partners who leverage your strategy. Many times, you'll already have competing partners in place, as was the case here. I met a financial planner through a referral, and her marketing director proposed "strategic partnering ideas."

One of my executive clients is an investment manager, I helped him launch his business, and I've used him exclusively ever since. As I re-read the marketer's letter, I see it's full of errors [they're highlighted in yellow]—not something that represents him well. Tatum's query letter is followed by my reply.

From: Tatum Akers
Sent: Monday, March 29, 20— 3:47 PM
To: Bill Frank
Subject: Follow-up on Grant Gisiko's referral

Hi Bill,
Grant Gisiko referred you to Callie Carden at Carden Wealth Advisors a while back about strategic partnering ideas. You had then invited her to a couple seminars of which she was not able to attend. As the marketing director at Callie's office, I wanted to touch base with you to follow-up and find out if you have any interest in strategic partnering with her. Additionally, we have kept you on our newsletter mailing list. Would you still like to receive our newsletter?
I thought sending you an email might be better than trying to reach you by phone. Thank for you attention to this. I don't want to continue to contact you if you have not interest in working with us. Please let me know either way. I appreciate your time [no period]

Tatum Akers
Marketing and Business Development Director
Carden Wealth Advisors
office:  719.555.1212 X 15
cell:  719.555.1313

To: Tatum Akers
From: Bill Frank
Sent: Monday, March 30, 20— 8:09 AM

Hi Tatum,
I appreciate your staying in touch. I'm glad to get your newsletter, but don't see partnering opportunities now. We work with Investment Security Group and that has been a good relationship for us.

Best of luck in everything you do.


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