Encouraging Friend or Colleague in the Job Market

A colleague asked me to be a reference, and then had a phone interview. She e-mailed the results of the interview to me, and I gave a brief, positive reply. You can easily support colleagues by being brief and upbeat. No need to send a 550-word letter.
From:   Noreen Keala@gmail.com [mailto: Noreen Keala@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 08, 20— 9:04 AM
To: wsfrank@careerlab.com
Subject: Interview with KPMG Management

Hi Bill:
I had a "glorious" phone interview Thursday with a woman in Atlanta from KPMG.  I felt great and she thought I would be a very good fit.  As I wrote you before, I knew the position was not for me because it was 100% at home and is quite regimented.  So I waited 24 hours and called the interviewer and unhappily said "no.

It was difficult for me to turn it down for so many reasons, one being that it is a fine organization.  Thank you for offering to be a reference.  I'm sure another opportunity will show up for me somewhere else that will better meet my needs.
Have a great weekend.

My reply:

OK, Noreen, good self-knowledge. Good for you. Nice work being true to yourself. That always works best.


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