After Hospitalization

William was a shareholder and director at CareerLab. I met his wife, Cassia, at a restaurant a few times, so really didn't know her well—except through him. When I learned that her cancer had reappeared and that she was hospitalized, I sent this letter along with a small book of photos and quotations.

November 20, 20—

Dear Cassia,

Even though we only met briefly, I really liked and enjoyed you. So I was surprised and disappointed to learn about your illness.

I'm thankful that William has kept us up to date about your treatment—and when I heard that you were in the hospital again, I couldn't resist sharing this little book which I like so much.

When feeling sick, it's hard to concentrate on reading—but you may find these words and photos inspirational and comforting, as I have.

As you continue in your treatment, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and keep hoping the best for you.

With love and affection,

William S. Frank

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