Re-Establish Contact With An Old Friend

Boyce is an old friend and we were out of touch for several years. When I received a program offering that showed his name in the faculty, l wanted to re-establish contact, for both friendship and business development. As a result, we are still friends today, and Boyce just asked me for a testimonial for his new book. This is good press for him, and also good visibility for me.
Hi Boyce,

I received "Harvard Business Review's" course offering today and noticed your name in the program. Last time we talked you were recovering and learning from a near-death experience—and had taken a more spiritual approach to life. I've tried reaching you several times in the past with no luck. After you left Hewlett Packard, you were in San Francisco, CA—and then I lost track.

I'd like to chat a bit—no real agenda except catch-up and friendship. As you can see, career development and executive coaching is still my thing—with a few software products that we license nationally to Lee Hecht Harrison, and others. Give me a call, or drop me a note. I'd like to hear how you arrived in Atlanta.



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