Anniversary Of A Death

Windsor began as a client, then became a close friend, and later an investor and shareholder in CareerLab. His wife's death was a big loss to him, especially because they had no children. In this position, you'd have to feel very much alone. I sent this note on a 4-1/2x6" Crane card, the kind of card Windsor himself used. In addition to this, our team members sent him a card signed by all.


Next Monday is a big day for you, the anniversary of Brooke's death. I only met her a couple times, but I found Brooke a real delight. I would like to help keep her memory alive long into the future. Perhaps you could show me photos or memorabilia sometime—I would enjoy that. Brooke was a special person, a one-of-a-kind soul, and I remember her dearly.
Bill Frank

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