Thank You To Speaker #20

For five years, we hosted a monthly networking breakfast for $100,000K+ executives. The meeting featured a 30-minute talk by a well-respected authority on career management or job hunting, usually a successful client, major employer, or executive recruiter.

I gave each speaker a $50 gift certificate from Barnes & Noble and handwritten thank you note. I personalized the notes to make them memorable. The challenge was to write 60 different notes.

As a second career, one of our clients became a professional speaker. We invited him to address our executive audience to practice his newly-honed skills.

January 8, 20—

Dear Lindsey,
It is a joy to hear you speak in your new career!  Thanks for sharing your unique and inspirational story with our executives at CareerLab.

You're a gifted speaker and a wonderful friend . . . and I plan to take a keen interest in your career success for many years to come.

Your friend,
Bill Frank

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