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Stewart is a close friend and computer expert. He's been keeping me up-to-speed since the dawn of DOS. I helped him get a full-time position at Lockheed Martin, but he was laid off during a downsizing.

Several years later he wanted to return to Lockheed Martin. I spoke to a friend in Human Resources and then sent this follow-up e-mail. I was careful to explain that I wasn't seeking a placement fee. I was making the introduction as a matter of friendship and good fit.

August 18, 20-



I thought you should consider Stewart seriously for several reasons:

  1. Although he's been a successful consultant, he really prefers the actual computer work to the feast-famine of the consulting world. As a career consultant, I think he belongs in an organization that can keep him running from one project to the next.
  2. Stewart is one of the best "people" people I've met.  This is why I wanted you to meet him in person.  I'm certain this doesn't come through on paper. You just have to meet him to see what I mean.  He's worked for us-and everyone loves him.  In fact, Dianne, our Office Manager, gave him a "good egg" award because he was so pleasant—dare I say FUN to work with.
  3. Stewart can communicate the way many technical people can't. His writing skills are superb. He publishes often and really loves giving public seminars and presentations.
  4. Stewart is an attorney by background. But he left the world of law years ago to pursue computer technology. Much of his consulting has been around law firms-and lawyers are the hardest people in the world to please (My lawyer clients are often impossible). Engineers would be much simpler by comparison.
  5. He has already done project work for LOCKHEED MARTIN. Someone should ask him about that.
  6. I'm e-mailing two documents: 1) a list of consulting projects, and 2) a standard resume.
I've been called out of town today (Tuesday). If you'd like to talk to Stewart, you may reach him directly. Home: 303-555-1212. Office: 303-555-1313.  

By the way, the other two candidates I had for you have accepted job offers. One at a 50% salary increase; the other received a 100% increase.  When I say someone's good, they're good.  And I think Stewart is the best of the bunch.

P.S.—Please note that there will be NO FEE for this referral.

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