The Perfect Fit

I like to open doors for anyone in the job market. It's just my nature. And if I see a perfect fit, I'm even more eager to introduce the talent to the company that's hiring. In this case, Jill is the Vice President of Human Resources for a large Colorado employer. She's in a referral group which I host called "TOP-12." When I heard she was recruiting a top executive, I sent this e-mail.

Hi Jill,

It's come to my attention that you're recruiting a Chief Financial Officer. I think you've spoken to Hollie Jamesson, but I encourage you to give her a close look.

With a CPA, a Ph.D. in Public Finance (USC), an MPA in Organizational Behavior, and an MBA in Finance, Hollie certainly has "The Right Stuff." And her experience is stellar. In two recent ventures, she drove the stock from 15-5/8 to 55 and from 1.50 to 15.00. (I know that because she spoke at our ExecuNet function this morning.)
Like you, I judge executives for a living, many of them CFOs. In my opinion, Hollie is head-and-shoulders above the pack. She has something extra, that extra 10% you just can't measure. And some of it is people skills. She wears well. She's fun to be around. Hollie could not only fill the role you defined, she could very likely enlarge the vision and take Unipmec GmbH to a much higher level.
I know you're taking a close look at all your candidates, but I encourage you to give Hollie Jamesson special attention. She could be your gal.
Good luck,


And don't forget to put TOP-12 on your calendar for October 22!

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