Email Testimonial from Client

When the head of sales and marketing for a national camera manufacturing company was laid off, I was his career strategy consultant. I gave him a lengthy briefing before he attended a national trade show. The purpose was to help him get the most benefit from being there. His e-mail tells the story.

I always save unsolicited testimonials like this. Although I've been in business 29 years, prospective clients still ask, "Do you have any refrences?" I print these letters and save them in a file called "Results," and I also save them electronically. I find them inspirational, especially if I'm having a slow day.

From: Joseph Falconer
Sent: March 05, 20— 9:07 AM
To: Bill Frank
Subject: Positive Feedback from Joe Falconer
It was a pleasure to talk with you this morning about the very positive experience I had recently, while attending PMA in Orlando, Florida, the photo industry's largest annual US trade show.

As I worked the show, I encounter several friends and former associates who are also in the job market. In every case I found that the direction and assistance that you and CareerLab have provided allowed me to make a more professional presentation than any of my friends who are attempting to redirect their careers on their own.

My resume was more powerful, the paper stock it was printed on more impressive,my business cards more professional, my interviewing skills more polished, and my preparations for working the show were more organized and produced results while my friends lamented, "No one is hiring." 

My CareerLab web site ( almost seemed to shock individuals, as it was obviously something they had not even considered doing.
I have already begun to receive feedback from potential employers and recruiters as a result of our networking strategy. The preparations you suggested were time consuming and difficult, but definitely worth the effort as they are paying off much sooner than I could have hoped for.
Our regular conservations have given me direction and support that has kept me focused and upbeat, and I am confident that very shortly I will be facing the enviable quandary of trying to decide which job offer I wish to accept.
During a period that could be stressful, I am positive and enthusiastic, and it is because of the help and support I am receiving from you and CareerLab.
Please feel free to offer my name as a reference to any prospective clients who may be seeking to confirm the value of CareerLab's service.
Thank you,
Joe Falconer
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