Sharpen Your Vision And Focus

One of our senior consultants felt we were offering too many products and services, and she was right. Thanks to her suggestion, we held a series of strategic planning sessions that delivered a tagline we used for several years: "We make better futures."™ This is the letter that ignited the staff.

From: William S. Frank
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 20— 9:53 PM
To: Consulting Staff

Subject: Sales Meeting Friday


Garnette was asking about our “vision” (focus) at CareerLab. She felt we would sell and deliver more effectively if we had a sharp focus—and I couldn’t agree more.

I've been giving it some thought. It seems that we are about “building careers” (especially executive and professional careers) and about “developing leaders and leadership teams.”

Thus, I came up with several taglines we might try.

  1. We build careers. We build leaders.
  2. We build careers. We develop leaders.
  3. We manage careers. We develop leaders.
  4. We manage executive careers. We develop leadership teams.
This works nicely with our work at Denver University and Colorado University (developing future leaders), and our work with Interim Executives (developing leaders and leadership teams).

Mull these over, sleep with them under your pillow, and come to Friday’s meeting prepared to discuss in the context of sales.

I’m charged up! Hope you are too!


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