When You're Not Available

When anything changes that may affect a client—especially his or her ability to reach you—it's helpful to tell everyone involved in advance.  If you're going to be out of touch for more than 24 hours, it's important to have a reliable backup in place. If your e-mail program has a "vacation" option, a message like this would be perfect. Many times these heads-up e-mails generate helpful status reports from clients, as it did here.


I'm out of reach of phone or e-mail from September 4-21.

In the event you get into an interview or negotiating situation where you need help, my teammate, Eleanor Bond, is the best senior executive consultant in the business. She knows your situation and will provide good, strong advice.You may reach her at:

    E-mail address: —
    C: 303-555-1212

Let's talk when I return.

From: Rick Agronsky
Sent: August 31, 20— 5:46 PM
To: wsfrank@careerlab.com
Subject: Re: Follow-up to your e-mail  

My search has been moving along nicely.  Have made a number of good contacts, including a number of interviews. No offers on the table to date.

I won't be able to meet with you this week, will give you an update when you return.
Have a great trip,


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