Out Of Office Email #2

No one can be all things to all people 24/7/365. Sooner or later, you'll have to leave your Blackberry and cell phone behind. It's essential to provide coverage for your ongoing clients, whose needs don't disappear when you're gone.  My friend Dr. David Kahn says, "Bread always falls buttered side down, and emergencies don't follow schedules. And don't forget that you must continue to build your practice." 

You complete both missions by having a good outgoing telephone answering message, plus an autoreply for your e-mail. Of course, tell your audience the dates and times you're going to be unreachable.  Soften their anxiety and head off their frustration by offering substitute help.

From: William S. Frank (Bill)
Subject: Out Of The Office

Thanks for your e-mail. I'm traveling and out of the reach of phone and e-mail until September 21.

Your e-mail will be saved on our server, and I'll see it when I return. In the meantime, these team members will gladly help you:

Career Management/Executive Coaching/Leadership Development

    Eleanor Bond
    C: 303-555-0712


    Robert Robertson
    C: 303-555-4159
    H: 303-555-6586

The Physician Career Network
Juan Rocha, MD - Career Consultant to Physicians
C: 303-555-1212
O: 303-555-1313
H: 303-555-1414

New Client Inquiries
Hollie Porcaro
C: 720-555-3585

Writing & Editing for Letters and Resumes
Gene Charleton
C: 303-555-1515

Internet Cover Letters & Executive Portfolio
DATA, Inc.
O: 303-708-9708

Kate Dicarlo-Luke
O: 303-555-1616

Everything Else
Judi Choung is the go-to person in my absence. If you don't find what you need above, Judi will help you.
O: 303-555-1717
C: 303-555-1818

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