We Did A Good Job

It never hurts to tell our clients we've done a good job. It's even better if we can document our results.

Amy was a professional friend and frequent client. She hired CareerLab many times when employees, like Jaylyn, were leaving her company. This note  . . . 

  • Thanked her for the assignment.
  • Told her it was completed successfully.
  • Documented the "terrific result" with written evaluations.
  • Cemented our friendship by mentioning future events.

September 14, 20—

Dear Amy,

This is a follow-up to my work with Jaylyn Raleigh.  As you can see by the enclosed evaluation, she liked the program and achieved a terrific result.

Thank you for this outplacement assignment, Amy. I appreciate working for you, and look forward to seeing you often this year at the Colorado Human Resources Association.

With best wishes,

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