Complaint To Internet Service Provider

I was using a service to send bulk e-mail to friends, clients, and business acquaintances. I sent them a list to be imported, and they took too long to accomplish the task. I took a positive approach to resolve the issue, careful not to burn the relationship. Here are two e-mails to them.


I sent you a list Wednesday afternoon to be uploaded.  It is still unavailable, causing us to miss a deadline. What is the status of the upload.  Can you make the list available this morning?

Many thanks,


Also, your system never takes my password on the login screen; I always get an error message, and go to a second screen. Then it accepts the password.


Our company sells Internet-delivered career applications, so I'm sensitive to the problems/issues of delivering service online. Therefore, I consider myself your biggest fan and supporter.  I'd like to help you perfect your software to the fullest, both for my own good and for the benefit of all your customers--and your profitability.  With that in mind, a couple observations:

  1. I first sent a list to upload last Wednesday.  I tried re-loading it today with no success (got an error message that one of your databases was down).  An hour later, I got an e-mail that the list had been imported, 1092 names.  This seems like a very long time to import a list (Wednesday afternoon to Saturday morning).  Are you having a capacity issue?  Most of the screens seem to take a long time to load . . . .  Not a problem, just a question.
  2. Also, I have a question about login. When I provide e-mail and PW on the entry screen, it never lets me through, but always directs me to a second page where I have to re-enter the data.  Then it lets me in.  Is this a system-wide bug?
I plan to be a customer for many years to come.
Good luck and best wishes,  


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