Explaining Complaint to BBB

When a prospective client was reference checking "The PhysicianCareerNetwork," a specialty practice of CareerLab, he asked us to explain complaints to the Better Business Bureau [BBB]. In answering complaints or criticisms, sometimes less is more. This is how we replied. It resolved the issue and we gained a client.
From: Bill Frank at CareerLab [mailto:wsfrank@careerlab.com]
Sent: December 06, 20— 9:00 AM
To: Michael Blackstone
Subject: Complaints to BBB  

We have a "satisfactory" record with the BBB, which is a good rating. There have been two complaints in the past 36 months, one resolved, one in which the company made a good faith effort at resolution. The employee responsible for generating the complaints is no longer employed here. Finally, the complaints pertained to CareerLab, not to the PhysicianCareerNetwork. There has never been a complaint against PCN.

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