Returning Overpayment Gradually

We are rarely overpaid, but it can happen. In this case we didn't have the funds to repay the full amount immediately—or we simply wanted to protect our cash. When in doubt, it's nice to give yourself the benefit of a payment schedule. You can always pay off the balance any time.

TO: Branch Herrold
RE:  Overpayment

Dear Branch,

Our Office Manager, Consuela RĂ­to, has told me you overpaid us by $2352 last year. Thank you for catching this error and bringing it to our attention.  Naturally, we will repay the full amount.  However, our budget does not allow us to pay in a lump sum. 

We will pay $196 per month for the next 12 months. If our revenue stream allows us to pay the balance sooner, we certainly will.

With best wishes,
Bill Frank

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