Permission To Reproduce Intellectual Property

If you write and publish books, articles, CDs, or other media, you'll probably be asked for permission to reproduce excerpts. I always grant these requests, and as a result, my writing is distributed worldwide. That translates to an ongoing stream of referrals.

I like to be sure users don't change the material, take too much of it, and most importantly, I like to include a tag line after the article that identifies me, my copyright and my website. Last of all, I often ask to see a finished copy of the result. Below is the initial inquiry, which contains the kinds of facts you should look for, followed by my reply.

From: Kent Schenker [kschenker at]
Sent: August 06, 20— 1:41 PM
Subject: Permission Request

Dear Mr. Frank:

Mitchell-Karey Publishing is creating an educational Website to support students and teachers of technical writing. This Web site will be made available free of charge and will provide a wide range of materials and resources for use in classrooms where students are learning how to write reports, proposals, letters, manuals, and other forms of technical writing.

Part of this site will include model documents, documents that will serve as examples of exemplary technical writing. The following documents have been identified by our University faculty consultants as terrific technical writing examples that students can learn from:

We would like to use one cover letter and one follow-up letter at: 

We are seeking nonexclusive permission to include these two documents as examples of exemplary technical writing at our English web site.

We will not adapt or change your document in any way, though we may need to place a border or highlight a specific area.

Since we want to have an archive of online technical writing documents we would like to retain your selection for two years. They would be a part of approximately 25 pieces.

We hope that you are willing to help with this important educational project. If so please indicate your approval by replying to this email message and saying so.

Thank you for your help in this important matter. We would appreciate a response within the next week, if possible.


Kent Schenker
Mitchell-Karey Publishing

From: Bill Frank []
Sent: August 06, 21- 10:41 AM
To: Kent Schenker
Subject: RE: permission request  

Dear Kent,

This sounds like an exciting project, and I'm glad to be included in it. You're more than welcome to use the letters you've indicated. On each page, please add: "Copyright 1989-20— William S. Frank. All rights reserved worldwide. Source:"

Please send me a link to the website when it's completed. I'd enjoy seeing your work.

Good luck,

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