Terminate Lease

In the 1980s when the oilfield crashed, oil companies were laying off employees by the thousands. We opened a satellite office in Houston, and generated $500,000 in revenue the first year. When the oil industry rebounded, we closed the office, per this letter. We made a clean break by finding a neighbor to expand into our offices.

April 24, 20-

Mr. Basil Cottingsley
Director of Operations
Business Home Management and Leasing, Inc.
10577 Commercial Boulevard, STE 126
Stafford, TX  77477

Dear Mr. Cottinsley,

This is to confirm our telephone call yesterday afternoon, in which I told you we want to terminate our lease for Suite 160 in your building, effective immediately.

I also told you Mark MacDonald, President of MacDonald Management, Ltd., intends to take over the space.  He will make arrangements with you directly.  Mark told me he plans to extend his existing lease to June 20-, so that the leases of suites 138 and 160 will terminate together. 

We will have our name removed from the lease, not sublease the space.

Sarah Spooner, our Senior Vice President will be involved in the negotiations with you and Mark.  She is authorized to make decisions for CareerLab®.

Please give me a call if there's anything I can do to help in this transition.

Thank you,

William S. Frank

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