Congratulations on New Account

We won a large account, and I congratulated the staff with a brief e-mail. Susan is the client. All others are CareerLab consultants.
From: Ellen Yoshida []
Sent: January 06, 20— 9:51 AM
To: Jo Zawadzki; Bill Frank; Ben Cuneolio
Subject: JIT Project 
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We now have a done deal with JIT.  Susan Renneau has agreed to a price of $13,920 which is $17,400 (last pricing for two days) less 20%.  I came up with that price by explaining that 60% of the work was front-end and 40% was delivery.  Since 40% was delivery, then each day was 20%.  She agreed that is reasonable.  That means that there are 46 hours for you to work with.
She is meeting with the group in Las Vegas next week and will come back to us with several dates in February.  As soon as she gives me those dates, I will let you know so you can pick the one that works best for your schedules.
I am very pleased this is done. I also have been very pleased with the outstanding quality of the proposal, which is a direct tribute to you.
Ellen Yoshida

From: Bill Frank at CareerLab []
Sent: January 06, 20— 10:01 AM
To: Ellen Yoshida; Jo Zawadzki; Ben Cuneolio
Subject: Congratulations!

Nice going, everyone. You are a terrific team and we should take the world by storm!


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