Detailed Printing Order #1

When we're running full-speed, it's no fun to spell out a detailed printing order, or any other purchase order for that matter. But I've found, especially with printing, that a mis-communication can create a thousand-dollar dispute.

For years we inserted a full-page ad into the "Advisor," a monthly newsletter for the Colorado Human Resources Association (CHRA). We also ran smaller ads in the magazine, sometimes both the same month.

Because good printers are busy, they can be confused by changes in your routine placement. When I place printing orders, I only want to do it once. I don't want six follow-up phone calls to determine exactly what I meant.


Conor, our printer, also printed the CHRA "Advisor."

TO: CONOR at KwikKopy
FROM:  Bill Frank at 303-790-0505
DATE:  April 25, 20—
SUBJECT: CHRA Advertising


Here is our full-page insert for the June CHRA Advisor.

  1. Print however many you need for CHRA (1000?). Also print 250 extra for CareerLab = 1250? total.
  2. Side 1 (Internet Side) prints 100% black.
  3. Side 2 (What We Do) includes our PMS Green on CareerLab logo.
  4. Do not fold the 250 for CareerLab. Leave flat.
  5. Paper sample is included. Note: slightly stiffer than CHRA sheet.
  6. Please deliver 250 copies + art to CareerLab.
  7. Please note: the 1/4 page ad doesn't run this month—just the full-page insert.

Any questions?  Give me a call—and thanks.

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