Explain Unpaid Bill

In the early days of the Internet, INTERNIC [the agency then in charge of the Web addresses] misaddressed a bill, and as a result, it didn't get paid.  I wrote this note to clarify the issues and to insure that our Website stayed online.

FROM:  William S. Frank
RE:  Billing for CAREERLAB.COM  (NIC-97348.22321)
DATE:  November 11, 20—

One (1) page sent via fax.  No original to follow.

You sent an invoice to our old address.  Therefore, we did not receive the bill.  Our new address is below.  Apparently, the payment was due on November 6.  We do not know what to pay or where to send payment.  Please mail or e-mail an invoice to us today.

Thank you,
William S. Frank

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