Say Thank You For Charity Donation

Often when we make a donation to a charity, that's the last we ever hear of it. We're forgotten as soon as the ink dries on the check. If someone donates to one of your favorite causes or charities, send them a thank you note at the very least, and perhaps even a small gift. The next time you ask for a donation, they'll remember your thoughtfulness and be more inclined to participate again.


I wanted to give you this visual token of my appreciation for the contribution that you made to the Mile Hi Chapter of the American Red Cross. Our Fat Tire Classic last weekend was one of the most successful events we have ever had.

The recent wildfires in Colorado created a huge financial burden for our chapter as there was a large need for assistance, not only for the displaced families, but for the firemen and other personnel associated with this tragedy.

Your contribution helped us to replenish our funds as well as put us in good standing for the ongoing disasters the chapter attends to.

You are very special to help us with funding for this worthy cause. I hope you know how much good this contribution will do and how much I personally, and the Chapter collectively, thank you.

You will always have a special place in my heart.

Many Thanks,

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