Uncover Job Leads for A Friend #1

Major Technologies | 16 Main St. | Framingham, MA 01711
O: 339-294-3566 | C: 339-299-7556 | jmadden@gmail.com

December 12, 20––

Louis H. Goldman
Managing Partner
Data & Strategies Group
463 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701

Dear Lou,

Recognizing your contacts with various companies and headhunters, I'm sending you a friend's resume.

Julie has worked for our Electronics Center for 10 years. She is creative, self-starting, self-directing, cooperative, personable, well-organized and hard working. She is the unfortunate victim of heavy cost cutting pressures that have particularly targeted staff functions. Although she was laid off several months ago (head count control), Major Technologies has brought her back on contract at least through the end of the year.

At the Electronics Center she reported directly to Bill Adams, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development. Bill's group was responsible for a variety of functions including traditional planning, program management of internal development projects and major customer programs, as well as market and competitive research, new product selection and planning, market planning and alliance arrangements. Julie was an important contributor to Bill's functions. I am sure he will also highly recommend her.

Julie could be a viable candidate for the position you mentioned in the Midwest. She understands how to research a marketplace, its competitors (direct and substitute products). She knows how to pull plans together, including getting the various VP's and line functions aligned, and she is financial planning literate.

Bill and I would appreciate any leads you could provide.

Best personal regards,

James F. Madden

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