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Like most managers, I receive dozens of letters from job hunters wanting to meet. Most letters are off-target and poorly written, so I file or discard them. Also, like most managers, my time for optional meetings is limited. So in order to impress me, a job hunter has to convince me that a meeting would benefit both of us.

This letter worked beautifully. The moment I read it I knew I'd be willing to meet with Paula. She said she would call me, and I waited to see if she did. She did call, as promised. But even if she hadn't, I would have called her. This is a good letter because: 

  • The writer explains her connection to me, when and where we met. (A Colorado Human Resources Association meeting.)
  • She also reminds me that I said professionals are willing to help others. Very nice touch.
  • She directly asks for my help—there's no ambiguity about her purpose.
  • The phrase "after much soul searching" indicates she's been hard at work on her own career. She won't be coming to me for all the answers.
  • Her background, organizational development, is something I know something about.
  • She asks for 30 minutes of my time, letting me know she will be brief.
  • She promises to call me, and follows through.

Simple, straightforward, and honest, this was a letter I could not refuse. Based on the letter, I met Paula, and talked to her about her career. The next time you want to meet someone new, try this simple, open and honest approach. It's hard to beat.

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April 7, 20–– 

Mr. William S. Frank
10475 Park Meadows Drive, STE 600
Lone Tree, CO 80124

Dear Bill:

I've had the opportunity to chat with you briefly during several CHRA-sponsored events. During one of our conversations, you mentioned that most professionals are very willing to assist others with advice and networking opportunities. At this particular point in my career search, I could use your help.

After much soul searching, I've concluded that my passion lies within the arena of organizational development. I have 21 years of progressive Human Resources experience with the last 12-plus years as a Human Resources Director in the hotel industry.

My experience includes change management, leadership development, conflict resolution, career management, teambuilding, and management effectiveness.

I am accustomed to a fast-paced environment where deadlines are priority, handling multiple jobs is the norm, and the only thing constant is change. I thrive on challenge and feel my skills and experience are easily transferable.

In the same breath, I understand there are several obstacles to clear in making this transition. Because of your expertise in this arena, I would appreciate it if you could spare 30 minutes of your time to discuss the challenges and share any contacts that may also be in position to assist me. I will call you next week to inquire about your availability.

With enthusiasm,

Paula McCarthy

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