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When writing to a stranger, it's better to ask for advice and information than to ask directly for a job. Most people don't like to reject others, so they resist speaking to job-seekers at all--and they rarely have a job opening. That's why it's easier to ask for information. Most people are willing to be helpful, if you make it clear you won't be pressuring them for employment.

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November 23, 20––


Nancy K. Turner
Pacific Bell
11882 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90064

Dear Ms. Turner:

Since you are legal counsel to one of the largest corporations in California, I am writing you hoping to obtain some information pertaining to practicing law as an "in-house" attorney. You are ideally situated to help me gain some insights into corporate practice.

I am writing you this letter because, after seven years of building a law firm from three employees to twenty, I have rethought my lifetime objectives, and have decided to change the direction of my career. I am not writing you seeking employment from Pacific Bell, as it is my understanding that you are not currently hiring; however, I am seeking any information which you might have regarding my job search.

In this effort, I am enclosing my resume, from which you can see that I have had my share of successes, not only in contributing to the building of a $1 million-plus-a-year business, but also in the practice of law. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to make a career change and have determined that I shall move into an "in-house" corporate practice.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you several questions which I have about corporate practice. I will be calling you in the next few days. For obvious reasons, I must request absolute confidentiality.

Thank you for your attention.

Very truly yours,

Richard E. Hart

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