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Mitchell Dunhill
Senior Geologist
Rocky Mountain Petroleum
5800 South Quebec Street
Englewood, Colorado 80111

October 10, 20––

Dear Mitchell,

As you may be aware, I am a consulting petroleum geologist with over 11 years of experience in the Rocky Mountain basins. Most recently I was affiliated with Ladd Petroleum for almost 6 years, and had approximately 25 wells drilled with 6 new discoveries in several different areas. I have good, broad Rockies experience, and feel I can provide a valuable service for your company if given the opportunity.

Until specific consulting or other opportunities come my way, I plan to actively generate [oilfield] prospects out of my home, predominantly in areas where I have past experience. These areas include the Williston, Paradox, Central Kansas, Uinta, Greater Green River, and Piceance Basins. I will concentrate on one or two of these areas, but have not yet decided which ones.

I would appreciate your input in this matter, primarily in terms of your company's needs for prospects or specific interest level in particular areas. I would like to generate plays [discoveries] in areas where you have a strong interest, hoping that you will want to see these prospects when completed. Your input will guide me to these areas with minimal waste of time and effort.

I am planning to follow this letter with a phone call to you in a few days to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Also, should you have specific needs for a consultant or a possible full-time geologist, I would appreciate your interest for that as well.

Thanks for your help!

Bruce R. VanDeventer
Consulting Geologist

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