Ask Friends To Help Chart Your Course

Your friends will help you chart your course, but you have to ask. Let them know what you need, and involve them-- make it clear how important their ideas and opinions are to you. Most people like to feel valued and needed, to be called upon for advice and information.
Give your friends the opportunity to help.

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May 18, 20––

Carol Shannahan
655 Redwood Highway
Mill Valley, California 94941

Dear Carol,

My present position with the National Management Association is part-time, and I'm trying to define my career goals. I have a clear idea how I would like to proceed, but I'm not sure what position or department within a company that fits.

Enclosed is a scenario of how I want to spend the next five years. It is obviously idealistic. (The scenario was an exercise of envisioning what my future might look like if I "had a magic wand.") I seek your help to make it realistic.

Following the scenario are two lists--one telling what I've done, and one telling some of what I can do--as well as a letter describing how some people perceive me. I am asking you to respond to some or all of the following questions:

  1. How can I make this scenario more realistic?
  2. What beginning position in a company am I describing?
  3. Who, if not the CEO, is the logical person for me to report to?
  4. What is the career path to move to external and international areas?
  5. Is it appealing to a company to have me on retainer?
  6. Where are the holes in my logic?
  7. What training do I need to support these goals?
  8. Is there someone else you think might help me clarify these goals?
  9. Do you have suggestions as to what company/industry might have such a position, and/or at what level I should make contact to pursue such a position?
  10. Any other suggestions/direction?

I realize every organization is different, but I respect your insight and experience, and believe your suggestions would be applicable.

As with anyone in the job market, my internal time line is short, so a quick response would be greatly appreciated. A self-addressed envelope is enclosed for that purpose, or if it's more convenient for you to call me, please do.

You have my sincere gratitude for helping me to pursue my career goals, Carol.


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