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November 17, 20––

Bernard Parsons
Business Plan Strategies
3020 Bridgeway, Suite 400
Sausalito, CA 94965

Dear Bernard:

I am writing to let you know I have accepted a position with KPMG as the Director of Internal Audit. The position offers me an opportunity to join a dynamic, growing Fortune 500 company and build upon my expertise in financial services while gaining experience in several other industries. I'm sure you are familiar with KPMG's tax services business which is represented in nearly 95 offices around the world. KPMG also owns both UUNet, Europe's largest provider of online services and access to the Internet, and KPMG Financial which is involved in the credit car and personal financial software industries.

The company is experiencing rapid growth and extraordinary change, not the least of which is a new CEO. For the first time in KPMG's 75-year history, the company is headed by a nonfamily member, Randall C. Weiss III (formerly vice chairman of Touche Ross). Since arriving in August of last year, Randall has been busy outlining a new vision for the company and building a new senior management team. I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of his team, and I am certain this position will be full of challenges and new learning for me.

Despite my excitement with this opportunity, it is difficult to leave the many friends and wonderful climate I have enjoyed while living in California. I will also miss the ocean and will, undoubtedly, make many trips back to visit! For now, I will continue to commute between San Francisco and Chicago, as we look for a new home. My temporary address in Chicago is:

1701 East Lake Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60610-5933

I have also enclosed a business card for your reference.

Thank you again for all of the encouragement, assistance, and support you provided during my job search. Please, let's make a mutual effort to keep in touch.

With best wishes,

Timothy J. Slattery

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