Answer Want Ad When Changing Careers To Video Engineering

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November 12, 20—

Post Office Box 1630
Palmer Lake, CO 80133

Dear Human Resources Manager:

I was very excited to find your advertisement for a director of Video Engineering in last week's Gazette Telegraph. After 23 years in the Government Aerospace communications industry, I am looking for a new challenge with a small, growing company.

I can bring the following assets to your organization:

  • BSEE degree and 23 years of hands-on hardware experience with communications equipment and systems. I know how it's designed, manufactured, installed, and fixed. A proven ability to troubleshoot systems in real time.
  • Experience with both antenna-radiated and cable-connected equipment from baseband to microwave frequencies; satellite and ground-based segments.
  • Project and functional management expertise including project scheduling and cost control.
  • Strong customer orientation. My primary responsibility as Program Manager was to keep the customer happy. Satisfied customers bring future business.
  • Willingness to meet the world. A good portion of my previous job was traveling to customers' facilities and making "high speed viewgraph" presentations.
  • Computer literacy. Auto-CAD was the standard for my projects and my Test Engineering department. I use a similar program, Design-CAD, on my personal computer as well as Microsoft and Mac programs.
The attached resume summarizes my experience and demonstrates my successful advancement. It's time for a change now and I'd like to explore this possibility with you. If, however, you do not see a potential here, I would still like to talk with you about your industry. I'll call next week to set up a convenient meeting.

Yours truly,

Pasquale Scarpella

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