Long Tailored Response To Important Want Ad For Theatre Manager

Rick put a lot of work into this piece, which is more of a proposal than an actual letter. He spent several days writing it, and he had a lot to work with (for example, 200 letters of reference from celebrities who had performed in his facility). Save this kind of in-depth writing for those few jobs that are a perfect fit—your dream jobs. The letter produced an interview.

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May 14, 20––

Mr. Michael M. Morrison
Human Resources Officer
San Marin County
2700 East Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94105

Dear Mr. Morrison and the Selection Committee:

Your job announcement listed nine requirements for the position of Theater Auditorium Manager and I would like to discuss my experience in light of these requirements:

l. Qualified.

  • Twenty-one years' experience in the meeting and convention management business in such facilities as: The Denver Auditorium Theater, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Currigan Exhibition Hall and the Denver Auditorium Arena.
  • Consultant to Architects and Planning Staff on Major Convention Centers in Calgary, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Toledo, Colorado and San Francisco.
  • Managed a wide spectrum of events including ballet, opera, symphony, trade and exhibit shows, auto shows, union meetings and other sit-down conventions, banquets, fashion shows, live theater, concerts, medical meetings, church conventions and associated spin-off meetings.
  • Coordinated meetings involving 10 to 30,000 people.
  • Coordinated banquets involving 10 to 5,500 people.

2. Motivated.

  • I have an attitude of excitement and enthusiasm for "show business." During performances I stay on the premises and make myself available. I don't leave problems for subordinates to handle. You will find that I am "right at your elbow if you need me..."

3. Thorough Knowledge of Performing Arts Facility Operation.

  • I have learned the performing arts business from the ground up. I started in Denver as an usher; then moved to head usher; then to stagehand... to assistant manager... to manager. This has given me expertise in all the different levels of operation.
4. Ability to Manage Small Staff.
  • I understand how to choose appropriate personnel and make sure they are well-trained, well-disciplined, and have a professional attitude. I did all the hiring for the Denver Convention Complex for four years (janitorial and ushering personnel) and supervised as many as 150 people at Currigan Hall.
5. Ability to Work with Performers.
  • I'm relaxed with performers. They look to me for personal assistance and security. I have always gotten along well with them and have worked with Johnny Mathis, Roger Williams, Al Hirt, Debbie Reynolds, Arthur Fiedler, Eddie Arnold, Liberace, Leonard Nimoy, and many others.
6. Ability to Work with the General Public.
  • I love working with the public, as these comments suggest:
      "We found Mr. Emerson to be the most congenial and helpful building manager we have worked with anywhere in the Nation. As a direct result of his ability and job thoroughness, we have scheduled our 20-- Convention in Denver once again."
      Bill Ackerman, Executive Director
      Western Apparel Manufacturers Association

       "You've undoubtedly been one of the most cooperative men that it has been my pleasure to work with in planning for conventions."
      Michael T. Scott, Financial Planning Secretary
      Southern Baptist Convention

      "Your courtesies and kindness were most appreciated, and I do not think we could have had such a successful kick-off if it had not been for you and your personal thoughtfulness and that of the members of your crew."
      Robert E. Noonan, Executive Director
      Mile-Hi United Fund

      "Once again, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to review many of the problems confronting convention and conference bookings."
      Robert B. Sullivan, President and General Manager
      Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

      "Not only does Denver have one of the best designed facilities in the United States, but also appears to have one of the most knowledgeable and effective managers."
      Jack C. Thomas, Assistant Executive Director
      San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

      "I can only hope that our future conferences will have a Richard Emerson in them. I look forward to working with you again."
      Robert B. Donner, Assistant Director
      Public Affairs Section
      International Association of Chiefs of Police

7. Knowledge of Fiscal Aspects of Operation.  
  • I originated the annual budget of $400,000 for Currigan Hall {Denver's convention center} and handled all the ordering and inventory control.

8.Knowledge of Technical Aspects of Operation.

  • I have complete working knowledge of: (l) heating, (2) air conditioning, (3) fire and safety regulations, (4) building codes, (5) crowd control techniques, (6) first aid, (7) security, (8) catering, (9) lighting, (10) seating and stage arrangements, (11) sound systems, (12) lead-in and lead-out time and, (13) union contracts.
9. Strong PR Skills.
  • I am experienced in sales. I know the way to book buildings and keep accurate records to prevent double bookings.

    I can coordinate the activities of the performers, exhibitors, working personnel and management, and I can keep it all running smoothly.

      "Thank you for taking the time to show me some of your convention center. You're the kind of person we like to deal with, because you don't try to hand out a lot of false information—you know what you're talking about."
      Jack Barker, C.L.U.
      Million Dollar Round Table

The last, and perhaps the most important requirement for this job is enthusiasm—and I'm excited and enthusiastic about discussing this unique job opportunity with you in person.

In the meantime, anything I can do to help you would be my pleasure. Best wishes for a successful venture.


Richard C. Kleczewski

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