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128 Oak Drive | Los Angeles, CA 95676
H: 310-555-1212 | C: 310-788-3635 |

October 23, 20—

ATTN: V.P. Customer Support
Los Angeles Times
P.O. Box 2323
Los Angeles, CA 95677

Dear Hiring Manager:

Until recently, I was the Director of Customer Support at Conference, Inc., the world's largest dedicated teleconferencing company. I joined Conference, Inc. in 20— when it was a $16MM company with 50 employees and played a major role in its growth to over $75MM and nearly 500 employees. The acquisition by Allnet Communications in 20— and the subsequent merger with GTE Corporation resulted in two years of flat systems sales and the addition of unnecessary layers of management. The major restructuring recently announced by GTE’s new CEO led to the elimination of over 700 positions, including mine.

I’m currently seeking a strategic position with another young technical start-up company with fresh challenges and an opportunity to "make a difference" and help them get it right the first time around.

I am growth oriented and have a proven track record operating lean, but highly effective, profitable and up-beat support organizations. Throughout my career I have and continue to:

Increase Corporate Revenues and Profits through . . .
  • New business approaches and enhanced services resulting in new revenue sources
  • Improved product reliability and process improvements
  • Increased customer satisfaction resulting in higher retention of contract customers
  • Maintaining focus on P& L while delivering superior service
Successfully Manage With Strong Interpersonal and Leadership Skills . . .
  • Recruit and cultivate high performance work groups dedicated to customer service
  • Maintain confidence and employee loyalty thorough demanding times of rapid company growth, mergers, reorganizations and downsizing
  • Accountable to staff members for training, growing, and developing careers
  • Adept at making autonomous decisions and working with minimal supervision
Strategically Plan For . . .
  • Meeting customer needs, satisfaction and additional revenue opportunities
  • Improved processes / organizational structure/ personnel placements
  • Crisis management / escalation policies / disaster recovery procedures
  • Improved product functionality, reliability and Y2K & ISO9000 compliance
  • Innovative methods of remote diagnosis, software upgrades and training
I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you regarding your organization's needs and how I might contribute to its future success. Please feel free to contact me at 310-555-1212.

Stephen F. Gale


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