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June 20, 20—

Williams International
P.O. Box 500
F.D.R. Station
New York, New York 10150

Dear Employment Manager:

The overseas position you describe in your recent advertisement in the "National Business Employment Weekly" is exactly the type of position I am seeking! With my diversified international management, finance, treasury, taxes, planning, and consolidations experience, I know I can be an asset to many of your clients. In addition, I speak and read French. From 20–– to 20–– I also studied Business French through classes at Storage Technology Corporation.

Some highlights of my international, finance, and administration experience, which might interest you, are as follows:

  • Number two man in Storage Technology's European operations in which annual subsidiary revenues grew in two years from $5MM to $55MM; in addition, we had OEM revenues of $25MM per year.
  • Prepared worldwide budgets, plans, and consolidations.
  • Established international consulting firm.
  • Seventeen years' experience in management and financial controls.
This is only a brief summary of my abilities—there is more to share. As your Vice President of Finance Assistant, I know I can help your company achieve its worldwide goals and objectives in this fast-paced, high-tech environment.


I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss this exciting, challenging position in more detail.

Bruce D. Robertson, CPA

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