One-Page Tailored Response To Want Ad For Flight Attendant

255 Omega Way | Colorado Springs, CO 80917
C: 719-555-2323  | H: 719-555-1929 |

August 2, 20––

Continental Airlines
Employment Department
P.O. Box 4330
Houston, TX 77210-4330

Dear Human Resources Manager:

As a longtime resident of Colorado Springs, I am well aware of the outstanding reputation of Continental Airlines, which leads me to express my interest in this dynamic company. I am submitting my resume for your review for the position of Ticket Agent. I feel I have the necessary qualifications for your consideration and would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate this in a personal meeting.

Although my experience in the airline business is limited, I am very interested and enthusiastic about learning. I am an outgoing, friendly individual who would enjoy developing personal relationships with customers. My strong communication and organizational skills would serve me well in responding to the needs of your company. My drive, determination and leadership ability are evident in my resume.

I am a hard worker who is noted for accuracy and timeliness. My performance evaluations have consistently been at the "above average" and "outstanding" levels, and I can furnish excellent references should you need them.

A recent staff reduction at KDI Electronics due to lack of work, has resulted in the elimination of my position as Senior Manufacturing Controller. Because of this mass layoff, I am eligible to participate in an On-The-Job Training Program which will reimburse you 50% of my wages during a negotiated training period. Enclosed is more information on this subject.

I feel that your airline would benefit from my contribution as a Ticket Agent. Should you have a position available on your staff, you may contact me at (719) 555-1212.

Thank you, sincerely,

Janet Bukowski 

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