One-Page Tailored Response To Want Ad For Government

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April 24, 20—

Search Committee
Colorado Historical Society
1300 Broadway
Denver, Colorado 80203

Dear Committee Members:

The position of Regional Property Administrator is an excellent match with my long-term intense interest in Colorado and Denver history, which culminated last winter in my receiving a master's degree in history.

At one point, my goals included teaching history, and I completed over 24 hours of course work in education.

As my resume indicates, I have spent many years in business, coupled with seven terms of course work at Barnes Business College, where I focused on business and financial management.

My extensive political involvement has honed not only my knowledge of volunteers and their needs, but also my abilities to organize and manage information. For a number of years, I have been in charge of our local political caucus, which includes prominent local politicians and business people. I have been active in more than fifty political campaigns, raised funds, and organized and managed "paper trails" for many elections. In last fall's national elections, I assisted in recruiting, training, and organizing more than 3,000 employees.

As a Denver native and third generation Coloradan, I would be excited and proud to be an employee of the Colorado Historical Society. The position advertised provides me an ideal opportunity to use my professional training in history and my long experience in business management. I look forward to talking with you.

Very truly yours,

Douglas Gragg

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