One-Page Tailored Response To Want Ad For Teaching

Try to keep want ad letters short. Generally, one page is better than two, and two pages are better than three. This is a well-written response to a want ad; it's obvious Ken has spent some time on it. A letter like this looks easy to write, but it isn't. It could take five hours to write this kind of concise, warm, friendly, professional letter. Tailor letters only to those ads you think fit you perfectly. Otherwise, you waste time, your biggest asset.

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H: 303-451-6978 | C: 720-809-9867 |

May 8, 20—

Human Resources Manager
International Education Services
Shi Taiso Building
10-7 Dogenzada 2-chome
Tokyo, Japan 150

Dear HR Manager:

I am interested in applying for a position as English teacher for Japanese businessmen as described in your recent job announcement bulletin. I am a scientist by training and profession. Enclosed is a copy of my resume listing my academic training and professional experience.

My wife and I have very close ties to Japan and would very much like to live there for a few years. My sister, Linda Grove, is a professor of Asian studies at Sophia University in Tokyo. Her husband, Hideme Kondo, is a Japanese citizen and a curator at an art museum in Tokyo as well. My wife and I spent two weeks in Japan with my sister and her family in May of 20—. In the course of our stay, we thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the various Japanese relatives and felt very comfortable and at ease in the Japanese culture.

I hope that the above information will give you an understanding of our interest in spending more time in Japan and in teaching English to Japanese people.

We do not have a fluent understanding of the Japanese language. However, we have studied the language briefly for preparation for our trip in 20—. We also intend to continue to study Japanese as we have Japanese relatives whom we visit periodically.

I look forward to talking soon, and I'll call in the next few weeks if I don't hear from you.

With good wishes,

Kenneth W. Grove

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