Reply Form To Use If Not Interviewed

If Keith didn't hear back from an online posting or want ad after two weeks, he sent this letter. He mailed about 30 letters and received a 60% response!

16728 E. Prentice Cir. | Aurora, Colorado 80015
H: 303-623-1239 | C: 720-809-8221 |

May 19, 20—

Dear Hiring Manager:

I hope the difficult process of final selection for your Sales Manager is progressing well. I'm sure you've received many responses from highly qualified candidates, and due to the number of responses haven't been able to write each applicant.

Because of my enthusiastic interest in your firm, I'm writing to determine your level of interest in my background. I've enclosed a return envelope and brief response form for your convenience.

I appreciate the opportunity to be considered for this position and to become a member of your team. If I may provide any additional information, please do not hesitate to call.

Very truly yours,

Keith M. Bennett


To: Keith M. Bennett

From: Company Name

__ Your background is of particular interest to us, and we will be in touch to schedule an interview.

__ At this time, we are still evaluating the resumes and will be scheduling interviews in the future.

__ We have made our selection, but will keep your resume on file for future reference.

__ We have narrowed our selection and found candidates that have a background that more closely matches our requirements. 

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