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October 25, 20—
Mr. Michael B. Dixon
Holland and Hart
P. O. Box 2147
Denver, Colorado 80302
Dear Mike,
I was interested to hear that your firm is considering ways to acquire more capability regarding international business transactions.
As you know, I have worked as an independent consultant these past two years dealing with the business, financial and governmental problems that accompany overseas investments. I have found, however, that companies large enough to have significant international exposure are bombarded by major league players such as:
a) the large investment banking houses,
b) major law firms,
c) consulting firms such as McKinsey and Arthur D. Little,
d) and, increasingly, by the consulting units operating within the major accounting firms.
It has become pretty clear that marketing my "Lone Ranger Act" in the face of this kind of competition is, at best, a difficult job. For the past few months I've been investigating ways to merge my talents into a better known and more broadly based entity. If you are looking for additional arrows to round out Holland and Hart's quiver of talent, then perhaps we should do some talking.
The many hi-tech firms in the Front Range area are beginning to push into the international arena, and you mentioned that you have already taken steps to strengthen your intellectual property team. These hi-tech groups often face significant trade issues in Washington as well as complex government and financial negotiations abroad.
There are many other exporters in this area--such as the U.S. Meat Exporter Federation (composed of entities such as Monfort)--that are large enough to have real international needs as well.
Some of your "competition" has already mounted a campaign to try to serve these needs--see the attached flyer on "Going International."
The clipping from the Wall Street Journal of October 16, 20— shows what firms such as Stearns Roger and Morrison-Knudsen are up against internationally. I've marked the clipping to show how the things we did for Cuajone parallel what Bechtel is doing now.
The resume information attached after the clippings just mentioned is probably a bit on the over-kill side, but lawyers love to read and it does demonstrate the extent and depth of my international experience.
I expect to travel back east the 6th and 7th of November to talk to Price Waterhouse's new affiliate partnership that deals in "International Financing Consultancy Services," but will be here Monday, November 5.
Best regards,
Richard P. Ruby
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