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April 28, 20—

Mr. Norman S. Powers
Executive Vice President
Ogilvy & Mather
520 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10017

Dear Norm,

I don't know if our lunch last Friday could be considered a "power lunch," but if it was I did feel a definite boost in horsepower. And it wasn't the jambalaya.

Your ideas and your philosophies on the business of advertising are impressive. I'm sure that when your concepts are implemented, Ogilvy & Mather will not only be the oldest ad agency in New York... it will be the best!

Where and if I fit into your plan at present is still an unknown. But I do know this. On many levels, I totally agree with the way you do business. And I strongly identify with your frustrations regarding the creative profession.

Simply stated, I believe that advertising is really marketing and that creative design means as much to the "bottom line" as it does on the layout pad. I would very much enjoy learning from your business and marketing expertise. In return, I would bring to your organization... creative accountability. Together, we would be a formidable account team.

Let's meet again. Let's talk again. Let's see how I could help you keep your organization out in front of the competition.

Till then, thanks for a most enjoyable Friday.


T. Craig Lincoln

Lincoln & Associates

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