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October 23, 20—

Mr. John D. Macomber
Presidential Search Committee
The Americas Society, Inc.
1280 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10021

Dear Mr. Macomber:

Please include my name on your list of persons interested in succeeding Russell Martin.

Last week in New York, Edward Page--who knows me well from my years with ASARCO--indicated that you hope to attract a major figure from the U.S. corporate world or a significant and highly-respected public official.

If you determine that the person you seek should function basically as:

  • a staff leader, and as
  • a facilitator/arranger of quiet dialogue between the heads of U.S. companies and top officials of both Latin and U.S. governments, rather than speaking in his own name, 

then you should find my records interesting.

Having dedicated most of my working life to Latin America, including 15 years of residence in four countries, the strengths I would bring to the Society are:

  • Substantial experience and significant personal accomplishments in the development of U.S. investments in Latin America and the conduct of day-to-day business operations.
  • An understanding of the economic development of Latin America over the last two decades--its strengths of success, and its many failures.
  • Years of successful negotiations at the ministerial level and contact work at the presidential level.
  • Thorough familiarity with the structure and functioning of the expatriate communities in Latin countries, and considerable accomplishment and recognition within same.
  • The ability to understand, develop rapport with, and be meaningfully accepted by Latin businessmen and government officials.
  • A consistently clean and honest record as the spokesman/defender of U.S. interests--both corporate and public.
  • A love of the arts and a lifetime of participation (mostly amateur) in musical activities both here and in Latin America.

My participation in the activities of the Americas Society goes back to the early 70s, and I am well known to some of your senior staff. Also:

I have become acquainted, through the good offices of his former general counsel, with Mr. William Davidson.

  • Steve Baker is a friend of many years.
  • Hans Steiner is a friend and working colleague.
  • I am well known to St. Joe's people in Lima, Hal and Lisa Wright--especially Lisa because of our years of work together on the board of the American school in Peru.

Thank you for considering me. I expect to be in New York in early November if you wish to schedule a meeting.

I'll call you,

Richard P. Ruby


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