Follow Up After Telephone Call For Finance

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January 25, 20—

Mr. George W. Blake
Fortress Enterprises
7399 South Tuscon Way
Englewood, Colorado 80112

Dear George:

It was a pleasure talking to you this afternoon. I am enclosing a resume and an excerpt from Fortune magazine which summarizes my experience and highlights a few of my accomplishments.

My career has been in management with a strong finance background. During the last year I worked as a personal investment advisor. I was successful in this profession, designing and implementing a telemarketing approach that brought over 45 six- to seven-figure net-worth clients in less than five months. Prior to joining Intek, I was offered the position of Vice-President for Marketing at Canadian Coal, but the excitement of the oil business at that time was just too strong.

My ideal job target is with a company that has an entrepreneurial outlook, is perhaps five to ten years old, and has sales of less than $100 million. I am flexible on immediate compensation if there is adequate potential for growth. An opportunity to earn equity would be attractive. Although I am not seeking investment opportunities, I might consider a limited investment. Geographic location is not a major consideration. I am open to any situation that is challenging and will make good use of my abilities.

George, this should cover the key points. I will be glad to provide any other information you may need and can supply strong references when appropriate. I look forward to our next conversation.

With warmest regards,

Michael D. Burns


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