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February 15, 20––

Michael P. O'Keefe
59213 West 54th Avenue
New York, NY 10057

Dear Mike,

As you know, I’ve recently been employed by IT Communications, a small information technology consulting firm. I’ve enjoyed the past few years tremendously. The work has been intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding, but now the organization has completed several major projects with no new contracts in sight. As a result, my boss, the President, has suggested that I look outside the organization to further my career. I've always valued your opinions, Mike, and I'm writing to ask for your advice and ideas.

My earlier experiences with Norwest Banks and a Colorado ski resort, together with my Masters Degree in Operations Research, have given me exposure to a wide range of problems in large and small companies from the perspective of both a consultant and an employee. In addition, I’ve gained management experience through leadership of significant team projects.

I'm excited about stepping into a position where I'll be able to use my networking, computer integration, and teambuilding skills. I'd like to be associated with an established, growing company--or consulting firm--in need of a hard-working innovator to take responsibility for difficult technical implementations. I love troubleshooting and cleaning up problem installations. Although I don't have a preference as to industry, I do prefer a company based in the Colorado Front Range.

Here's a copy of my resume. Please feel free to pass along copies to any of your friends or business associates who may have an interest.

I plan to call you within the next 10 days, Mike, to be sure you received this letter and ask if you have any thoughts or ideas about people I should contact, or specific positions or opportunities I should pursue. I appreciate your taking the time to consider my situation, and I look forward to talking to you soon.

Best personal regards,

 Kevin Carnahan

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